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Pine York End Table
Item: EB452P
Size: 20x18x26
Pine York Coffee Table
Item: EB453P
Size: 47x22.5x21
Pine York Coffee Table with Drawers
Item: EB454P
Size: 47x22.5x21
Pine Bottom York Console
Item: EB455P
Size: 47x18.5x36
Oak Shaker Table
Item: EB60S
Size: 36x14x29
Oak Shaker Table
Item: EB61S
Size: 48x14x29
Oak Mission Sofa Table
Item: EB62S
Size: 42x18x29
Oak Mission End Table
Item: EB63S
Size: 22x18x23
Oak Mission Coffee Table
Item: EB64S
Size: 42x18x18
Oak Shaker End Table
Item: EB65S
Size: 22x18x23
Pine Small Half-Moon Table
Item: EB80P
Size: 24x14x31
Pine Large Half-Moon Table
Item: EB81P
Size: 36x14x31
Pine Coffee Table
Item: EB84S
Size: 40x22x19
Pine Cube Coffee Table
Item: EB85S
Size: 22x22x19
Pine End Table
Item: EB86S
Size: 22x18.5x26
Pine Sofa Table
Item: EB88S
Size: 48x17x30

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